Making Small Bathrooms Feel Big With These 10 Design Ideas

Design and luxury does not have to come with a hefty price tag. With over 10 years of experience in the bathroom and furniture business, the Bathrooms and More Store deliver excellent quality and the latest designs for customers to achieve their dream bathroom while ensuring affordability. They also give the best customer service and see customer satisfaction as paramount to all their customers. One of the ways to still have a trendy bathroom and maintain affordability is to maximise the space that you have by using colors, storage ideas and tasteful furniture and accessories to create a spacious living space. Here’s some design ideas on how to make your small bathrooms feel bigger.

  1. Try an oval sink – An oval-shaped kind of sink is trendy and softer, looking more like a bowl that is still useful, giving more counter space than that of a square sink.
  2. Style busy floors with simple walls – Intricate details of elaborate tiled floors are beautiful, but too much of it becomes overwhelming. So, it’s essential to keep a small space simple, in such a way that it is not cluttered with colours and patterns.
  3. Towel racks – The use of towel racks above a bath tub are both space-saving and convenient.
  4. Choose big mirrors – Mirrors over tubs create an illusion of a bigger space which is perfect for that bigger feel.
  5. Curving corners – Through making the edge of the oak vanity unit curved and rounded, it gives the illusion of space and also saves you from knocking against the sharp edge of a corner when you’re in a hurry.
  6. Fixtures with storage – Keep small spaces efficient by having fixtures with hidden storage features. You’ll be surprised how neat and spacious things can be!
  7. Don’t block the windows – Decide on clear glass doors that make use of natural light. Light makes any space looks bigger and the more of it, the better.
  8. Using colours as accents – Accessories such as the knobs, door handle, and drain enhances the decorative elements to a bathroom which allows a small bathroom design to feel open and stylish at the same time.
  9. Vanity units with open shelving – A classic vanity unit with open shelving feels less bulky and adds a certain airiness to the space available.
  10. Use woven baskets – Under that open shelved vanity unit, use woven baskets in substitute of the lack of cabinet space to cut down on storage. Getting oversized baskets can still be filled with clean, fluffy towels. Accessories such as these can be found at the bathrooms and more store.